Making E-Mailing Our Companies Better For Everyone

Aug, 31 MCRP Group Ltd  

We think that there are too many email addresses for a company so we decided to change this, all our companies will be generalised to info@ to make it allot easier to remember email addresses. We have decided to keep personal contact email addresses for direct contact but if you cant fin the email you just email info@ and it will be passed on to that person straight away saving you time, rummaging around for that lost piece of paper it was written on.

On our AA Network Solutions Website there will be info@ and we will keep tech@ that is the only two that will stay on that site.

Also all of our websites have contact us forms on them to make it easier to contact us.

We will be implementing all these changes to all our websites by the end of October 2011.

Michael Rainey – Director – MCRP Group Ltd